POST Requests Online

Post requests to the server and check server responses. Fully Online; no desktop app needed. Test Server endpoints by sending HTTP POST, GET, PUT, and HEAD requests directly from your browser. Create PHP, Python, Java, Curl, and JavaScript code snippets from your requests with one click. Share your HTTP requests online, showcase your work, or discuss with colleagues and friends.

The best tool for posting HTTP requests online

  • Make HTTP POST, GET, PUT, and HEAD requests online
  • See server response content and headers
  • Get detailed request and response timings
  • Share and discuss your requests online
  • Clean UI and easy to use
  • It's free

How do I post requests online?

To send a GET request to the server, simply enter your URL, select the GET method from the dropdown list, and click Send. If your request requires authorization, enter your credentials on the Authorization tab. To make a POST request online, select the POST method from the dropdown list and enter the POST data on the Content tab. Here you can also select Content-Type for your POST data.

Can I send HTTP requests to local endpoints?

Yes, you can post HTTP requests to local endpoints (localhost and and servers on your local network using the ReqBin online HTTP client. To do this, you need to add the ReqBin Google Chrome Extension to your browser using this link.

Will I have CORS issues when sending requests to my server?

No, you won't have CORS (cross-origin) issues when sending requests to your server, and you won't need to make any changes to your server code such as adding the Access-Control-Allow-* HTTP headers. You can post requests to your server directly from your browser without any additional action!

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