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ReqBin is an online API Endpoint testing tool for API developers and testers. You can test API endpoints by making API requests directly from your browser. Check server status codes, response times, and sizes. Use the ReqBin API Endpoint Testing tool to test API endpoints from different geographic regions. Click Send to execute the Test API Endpoint example online and see the results.
Test API Endpoint Example Send
GET /echo/get/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reqbin.com

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What is API?

Application programming interfaces (API) are protocols for creating and integrating application software that allows two systems to communicate. Each API has documentation and specification that defines how information can be transmitted and displayed on a web page. APIs are divided into SOAP or REST, and they are used to access web services. SOAP relies solely on XML to provide messaging. At the same time, REST is a more straightforward method that uses URLs to receive or send information, uses four HTTP 1.1 commands (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) to perform tasks.

What is an API Endpoint?

API Endpoints are simple URLs that represent objects or collections of objects. APIs send requests to endpoints, which are the locations where the resources are found. Each endpoint is an URL where APIs can access the resources they need to perform their function.

What are the APIs used for?

APIs are used for transferring data, making banking transactions, automating processes, and more. The performance of an API depends on its ability to communicate effectively with API endpoints. API Endpoints indicate where clients can access resources and play a key role in ensuring that software functions correctly.

Why test API endpoints?

Each interaction with a device requires using one or more APIs, and these APIs often use other APIs to provide their services. A simple transaction can require several API requests, and if any of these APIs fail, it can cause delays or failures in the client application. By testing API Endpoints, you can ensure that you will detect problems before real users encounter them.

How to test an API Endpoint?

To test an API Endpoint service using the ReqBin API Endpoint testing tool, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the URL API Endpoint for testing;
  2. Select the HTTP method;
  3. Specify a set of headers;
  4. Set the required body content;
  5. Send data to start the test.
Test API Endpoint Example
GET /echo/get/json HTTP/1.1
Host: reqbin.com
Accept: application/json

You will receive a response from the server:

Response API Endpoint Example
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 19
Connection: keep-alive


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