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Curl Custom Headers
An example of posting a custom header with Curl. To add a custom header to curl, you need to pass the -H "header: value" command line parameter to the curl request. The target url is passed as the first parameter.

GET Request With Custom Headers
An example of sending a custom request header to the server. In this example, the name of the custom header is X-Real-IP and the value is

Curl Add Header
An example of adding a header to the Curl request. Use the -H command-line option to set the Curl header details. In this Curl Add Header example, the -H "Content-Type: application/json" command-line option indicates the media type of the resource, and the Accept: application/json header tells the server that the client expects JSON.

Request Cookies
An example of sending a request with cookies in the header. Cookies are sent to the server in the Cookie: name=value request header. To send multiple cookies in a single Cookie header, separate them by a semicolon, or add multiple Cookie: name=value request headers.

Send Cookies Example
An example of sending HTTP cookies in the request header. Browsers send cookies to the server by adding the Cookie: name=value request header. Multiple cookies can be sent in a single Cookie header, separated by semicolon.

HTTP Headers
The browser and server use HTTP headers to pass the information on data size and type, compression methods, languages, cache directives, and origin.