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Curl Request With Credentials
Sample Curl request with Origin CORS request header and authorization cookie. In this Curl Request With Credentials example the Origin request header is passed with the -H "Origin:" command-line parameter and the cookie is passed with the --cookie "authCookie = my_auth_cookie" parameter.

Send Cookies Example
An example of sending HTTP cookies in the request header. Browsers send cookies to the server by adding the Cookie: name=value request header. Multiple cookies can be sent in a single Cookie header, separated by semicolon.

CORS Request with Credentials
An example of sending a CORS request with an Origin header and an authorization cookie. In this CORS Request with Credentials example, the Origin is provided with "Origin:" request header, and the cookie is provided with the "Cookie: authCookie=my_auth_cookie" header.

Curl Send Cookies
An example of sending cookies with Curl. Cookies are passed to Curl with the --cookie "Name = Value" command-line parameter. Curl automatically converts the passed parameter into the Cookie: Name=Value request header.

Request Cookies
An example of sending a request with cookies in the header. Cookies are sent to the server in the Cookie: name=value request header. To send multiple cookies in a single Cookie header, separate them by a semicolon, or add multiple Cookie: name=value request headers.

HTTP Cookies
A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on a user's computer by a web browser.

Response Header: Set-Cookie
The Set-Cookie HTTP response header sends cookies from the server to the user agent. A server sends a Set-Cookie header with the response when it receives an HTTP request.

Set-Cookie Header
The server sends cookies to the browser by adding the "Set-Cookie: cookie-name = cookie-value" HTTP header to the response. The browser saves cookies on the user's computer, and then sends them back to the server by adding the "Cookie: saved-cookie" header to the request.